Niceguy Feminism – The Scourge of Games Journalism

Now, I’m normally of the opinion that click-baiting titles like “The Scourge of Games Journalism” are the scourge of games journalism, but this has to stop.

This isn’t an attempt to coin the phrase “Niceguy feminism”, God willing that’s already been done – but it does adequately describe the problem at hand.

Male geeks, even when they have regular contact with the fairer sex, are often incapable of treating women with anything approaching equality. The common sketch is of a spotty teen spluttering deviant abuse down his headset at anyone with a female-ish handle. This may be rife, but, wearing its misogyny on its sleeve, is hardly an issue for anyone with sense.

It’s why God gave us a mute button.

No, the sexism this article seeks to unmask is more subversive, and is truly rife within games and geek journalism.

These writers think that by writing sensitive pieces about how ridiculous it is that FemShep’s breasts have (possibly) gone up a cup, they are being “nice guys” – you know, the kind she marries in the end. They aren’t.

It isn’t sensitive of you to affirm that “games have matured beyond women characters burdened with heaving Croftian orbs”, praising the nobility of “a game that presents its female characters as regularly proportioned”.

That’s all just a different, 19th Century social reformer-form of objectification.

What’s more, why were you looking in the first place?

Let’s just stop and think before we write another post referencing anything to do with feminism (or worse, women in games), shall we?

Ask yourself, from whence comes the inspiration for your post: A crusade for equality? A manifesto against misogynist character design? Praise for strong female roles?

Then remember: You’re a f*cking games journalist.

Write intelligently about games. Don’t write to feed the ghost-appendix of your need to impress some chick by showing what a gentleman you are.


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